SUPERText® by Supergravity Incorporated

Does your case or project have volumes of electronic documents, digital video, digital audio, paper documents, witness statements and other documentary evidence? Do you need to manage all of this? Do you need to connect this evidence and prove a story? Do you need to share and disclose some or all of this?

Supergravity Incorporated manufactures the SUPERText® line of software products. With over thirty years of solid reputation in the legal and investigation communities SUPERText software has become the product of choice for case management and disclosure, used by organizations involved in investigating, advancing and defending criminal and civil lawsuits. SUPERText is a fully integrated suite of components that lets you capture and research case-related documents and data.

Legal tech pioneer, Jacques I. Amelard, is President of Supergravity Incorporated.

SUPERText® and IMAGEFactory® are Registered Trademarks of Supergravity Incorporated.

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