About Supergravity

Supergravity Incorporated was founded in 1983 by Jacques I. Amelard, a lawyer and the chief product architect of the SUPERText software product. Supergravity develops software and provides related services to the civil and criminal investigation and litigation communities. 

Supergravity Incorporated manufactures the SUPERText line of software. With over thirty years of solid reputation in the legal and investigation communities SUPERText software has become the product of choice for case management and litigation support by leading firms and organizations involved in investigating, advancing and defending criminal and civil lawsuits. SUPERText is a fully integrated suite of components that lets you capture and research case-related documents and data. 

SUPERText components are being continually enhanced based on input we receive from our extensive user base. New versions take advantage of the most recent trends and improvements in component technologies. 

Supergravity Incorporated operates from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. SUPERText software is sold directly by Supergravity.