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SUPERText Software Subscription - You’ve invested in SUPERText. To protect your investment in SUPERText you need continued access to SUPERText updates and upgrades and to our SUPERText technical support services. This is the purpose of the SUPERText Software Subscription More... SUPERText Research
SUPERText Research is the desktop component of our solution. With SUPERText you can research, organize, analyze and share the documents and information in your project. More... SUPERText Research

SUPERText: IMAGEFactory is the production capture component of SUPERText. It represents the accumulated learning and experience of hundreds of millions of pages of scanning performed using the product. It expertly balances ease of use with sophistication, power and full scanner rated speed support. In addition, it delivers advanced features and functions without requiring you to access any of the hardware controls of your scanner. More... SUPERText: IMAGEFactory

SUPERText BatchProcess imports images into one or more SUPERText project databases. It also performs Optical Character Recognition. It is built for production volume: tens of thousands of pages can be quickly queued using drag-and-drop in SUPERText BatchProcess. The software then batch processes all items in its queue in a fully unattended mode. More... SUPERText BatchProcess 2007

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