SUPERText: BatchProcess 2007

SUPERText: BatchProcess, part of the SUPERText suite, merges it's own distinct features with optical character recognition technology. It recognizes and processes characters from document images that have been scanned in SUPERText: IMAGEFactory (or other certified scanning applications).  The main function of SUPERText: BatchProcess is to convert these 'captured' images to SUPERText Document Records.

SUPERText: BatchProcess is a production volume document image processing system. It's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use and its underlying database design makes it powerful enough to undertake huge projects.

SUPERText: BatchProcess has an underlying databases that makes it easy to pre-populate and apply document fields; to support and manage multiple projects including definitions and preferences of each; to log and continue uninterrupted processing should OCR errors be encountered; and to maintain a log of all processing activities.