SUPERText: IMAGEFactory maintains an underlying database as scanning proceeds. One or more documents are scanned into batches called "Scan Jobs". These batches are generated and maintained by the software. To make your scanning job easy, SUPERText: IMAGEFactory provides a rich set of job editing tools including: page deletions, page insertions, back-page merging, duplex scanning, page rotations and page deskewing. At the same time, SUPERText handles all file naming and directory creation for you, and ensures that image files are named sequentially and contiguously. Scan Jobs are automatically saved and built-in audit trails ensure that, should a system problem occur, valuable time is not wasted re-scanning "lost" images.

Advanced features including on-the-fly bookmarking, Job AutoReview, automatic on-the-fly image deskewing, and document "cloning" are also there to make image capture as efficient as possible. Most operations can be performed either on a single image, or on a batch of images. SUPERText: IMAGEFactory uses an intuitive "page tag" approach to enable you to perform complex batch operations easily and efficiently. And the customizable Image Annotation and Page Endorsement features of SUPERText: IMAGEFactory greatly assist in the organization of projects, and can save weeks of clerical work.