SUPERText Research

SUPERText provides you with sophisticated analytical capabilities. SUPERText's job is not finished when it searches and locates the documents that satisfy your query. SUPERText lets you add fields of information to the documents or to any specific pages or zones within the document. SUPERText lets you store and categorize information that may in fact not even be related to any specific document.

SUPERText provides you with sophisticated tools to share your documents and information, to prepare briefs or digests from your project material, to prepare and print structured reports listing information of interest from your project material and to work in tables and forms.

To the new user SUPERText provides instant productivity with its automated reports, automated forms and easy to use searching. For the more sophisticated user or system administrator SUPERText provides powerful customization tools that enable the definition and creation of custom report designs, custom form designs, templates and custom project "data dictionaries."

SUPERText merges the best of imaging technology with the best of full-text search technology and the best of structured database technology. It is this combination of three powerful technologies that lets you best handle real projects. This means that all information, whether from a document's original content, or from a field or note you have attached to a document, page or zone, or from an entry that you have made, unrelated to any specific document, can be searched with the same, straight-forward and English-like full text query. And, because SUPERText is an imaging technology, your project's documents are one-click away.