SUPERText Research

The investigation or litigation team faces a number of challenges in managing and advancing a complex case. These challenges arise due to the volume of relevant information involved; the number of parties and proceedings involved and the complexities involved in coordinating larger teams.

SUPERText Research helps your team meet these challenges. It reduces the overall cost of advancing the complex case and can dramatically increase the probability of a successful result. SUPERText Research creates a flexible database that stores all case information including the following:

  1. Paper and Digital Documents. In most cases, this is the largest source of information. To properly contain documents, SUPERText's case database incorporates content, organizational information and analytical information.

  2. Information Global to Each Document. Whether a document is paper or electronic, you will need to track information applicable to that document as a whole. SUPERText's case database contains and manages such information. Typically it is referred to as 'document-level fields'. Examples include: fields for tracking Document Numbers, Producing Parties, Document Descriptions, and Privilege Status.

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