Course 100
Image Capture and Database Building

This course is for those whose main use of SUPERText involves scanning documents and preparing projects for Research by others. The course provides basic skills and practical advise on Document Preparation, Document Scanning, Document Key-Fielding and Project File Maintenance. Students require a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

Course Topics Include:

  • Overview of SUPERText, SUPERText Technologies, Terminology & Glossary
  • Document Preparation and Separator Sheets
  • Scanner Operation
  • SUPERText: IMAGEFactory
  • Job Control and Scan Log
  • Image Storage
  • Image Annotations
  • Page Endorsements
  • Job Review and Quality-Control
  • Page Tags for Batch and Instant Operations
  • Rotations, Deletions, Blank Back-Page Detection, Deskewing
  • Re-scanning
  • Document Cloning
  • Project Control
  • Processing Scan Jobs
  • OCR Settings
  • User Fields, System Fields
  • The Process Log & Report
  • Re-Processing
  • Key-Fielding: Creating Standard Fields
  • Field Sets
  • Field Macros
  • Using Data-Entry Forms
  • Removing Fields
  • Populating Fields
  • Basic Report Printing
  • Moving Projects
  • Data Backup
Actual course content may vary slightly