Course 200
Researching With SUPERText

Whereas Course 100 focuses on how to build a SUPERText project, this course focuses on how to use SUPERText to research a project. It is for the investigation or litigation team. The course provides basic skills and practical advise on Document Searching, Document Viewing, Adding Notes and 'Work-Product', Building Tables, Creating Structured Reports, and Creating Free-Form Briefs. Students require a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

Course Topics Include:

  • Overview of SUPERText; SUPERText Technologies, Terminology & Glossary
  • The Document Record
  • Scanned Documents, Electronic Documents
  • Organizing The Project
  • Full-Text Searching Techniques
  • The Image Viewer
  • Document Navigation
  • Document and Page Tagging
  • Working With Fields
  • Field Types and Field Sets
  • Building Tables
  • Working With Tables
  • Building Reports
  • Working with Reports
  • Practical Report Examples
  • Building Briefs
  • Page Sets and Witness Books
  • Practical Techniques: Witness Interview / Examination; Issue Research; Time-Lines and Other Links
  • Sharing Work
  • Data Backup
Actual course content may vary slightly