Course 250
The SUPERText Administrator

This course is for the Project-Leader or MIS Professional whose main responsibility is administering a SUPERText system and providing first-level support for SUPERText users. The course includes a full overview of both the Image Capture Course and the Researching Course, with emphasis on the support and organizational considerations pertinent to the Administrator. Students require a good knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Windows Server.

Course Topics Include:

  • Overview of SUPERText; SUPERText Technologies, Terminology & Glossary
  • Overview of Course 100: Image Capture and Database Building
  • Overview of Course 200: Researching with SUPERText
  • System Files
  • Project Files
  • Moving Projects
  • Location of Images and Image Storage Issues
  • Managing Multiple Users
  • Pre-Formatted Reports
  • Pre-Formatted Forms
  • Process Queues and Workflow
  • Quality-Control Considerations
  • Standardizing Field Sets: Data Dictionaries
  • Data Backup
  • Support Issues
Actual course content may vary slightly