SUPERText® by Supergravity Incorporated
August 2, 2018

SP1 for SUPERText 7.05

Update for: SUPERText 7.05 SERVER, BASIC PACK, BatchProcess and PRO
Notice: The SP1 Update can only be used to update one of the following base SUPERText
SUPERText: SERVER 7.05.223
SUPERText: BatchProcess 7.05.223
SUPERText: BASIC PACK 7.05.220
SUPERText: PRO 7.05.223
  • SUPERText “Open Key Lookup Tables” Right
    The "Open KLU Tables" right in the "KEY LOOKUP TABLES" section now applies only to the opening of Key Lookup tables via a menu selection. Now, if a key lookup object is included in a SUPERText form, the user of the form has the right to open the key lookup table associated with that object, even if the user does not have the “Open Key Lookup Table” right.

  • Improved SearchIndexRebuild= directive
    The “SearchIndexRebuild=” directive can now be included in both the Profile and Main _STARTUP.ST files. If the directive exists in both, the one in the user’s SUPERText Profile folder prevails.

  • Different Last Used “TOC to Save” and “Model on TOC” Folders in Make | Table of Contents
    SUPERText now saves and restores different “last used” folder locations for the “TOC to Save” and “Model On TOC” folders.

  • Bug Fix
    Sometimes Page Record templates created, edited or deleted in the SUPERText Template Manager would not be reflected in the SUPERText: View window.

  • Bug Fix
    In some atypical situations, fields in the “key” column in a Key Lookup Table were editable instead of read-only.

  • Bug Fix
    On some systems, error message "1962 The directory is not empty" would be thrown, without consequence.

  • Other Bug Fixes