SUPERText® by Supergravity Incorporated

SUPERText Disclosure Volumes

SUPERText®: BASIC enables the sharing and disclosure of all or selected documents in a SUPERText® repository. SUPERText: BASIC Volumes are self-contained collections optimized for portable media. SUPERText: BASIC software is embedded in each volume and enables the user to browse, search and annotate documents included in the volume. Authoring of the volume is accomplished with a wizard interface that enables the authoring organization to define and include in the Volume a hierarchical table of contents that serves as the main interface for the volume user. The wizard is also used to select which documents, fields and metadata components are to be included in the Volume. In addition, one or more forms can be included in the Volume to display metadata and additional fields associated with documents. Everything in the volume can be searched using simple full-text queries. SUPERText: BASIC expertly merges structured database functions with unstructured full-text features.