SUPERText® by Supergravity Incorporated

SUPERText Software Subscription

To protect your investment in SUPERText you need continued access to SUPERText updates and upgrades and to our SUPERText technical support services. We provide SUPERText Software Subscriptions for a period of coverage which is usually one year. Most active SUPERText users renew their SUPERText Software Subscription annually to have continued and uninterrupted access to the benefits of the SUPERText Software Subscription. Benefits of your SUPERText Software Subscription, for the period of coverage, include:


Technical support services including by e-mail, voice call and our remote technical support service.


All updates and upgrades to the SUPERText software on subscription with access to SUPERText installation downloads.


Access to utilities that we may provide, from time to time (for example, to assist in the import of third party data).

Assistance in application Server planning and migration.

Priority product activations and replacement of produce dongles.